24 November 2008

Kewpie Doll

© Andrée Lawrey

Meet Pansy. Isn't she gorgeous? She is one of 12 giant kewpie dolls which featured in the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. She now lives in Bungendore, NSW.

(Thanks, Susan -- your photo reminded me I had an extra reason to go back to Bungendore!)

Nikon D700, 28-105

03 November 2008

Floriade Nostalgia

© Andrée Lawrey

This is one of my first toy camera photos. Taken at Floriade (Canberra's Spring flower festival) in September 2006, it could be a double exposure but I'm pretty sure that look comes from playing around with the camera's 'bulb' setting while shooting from the hip. The camera was a vintage 6x9 Agfa Clack and the film was Kodak 400 UC.

25 October 2008

Dancing Tree

© Andrée Lawrey

I love gum trees -- they make wonderful subjects for the camera. This one seems caught in an ecstatic dance. The red on the tree trunk comes from the red plastic film counter window on the back of my Diana+ camera.

06 August 2008

Dunrossil Drive

© Andrée Lawrey

© Andrée Lawrey

© Andrée Lawrey

I'm currently revisiting my plastic cameras, enjoying their imperfections (most of the time) as I look for 'happy accidents'. These were taken with the Holga I used for last year's Plastic? Fantastic! exhibition at PhotoAccess. I like the softness, the vignetting and the colours. The film is Kodak 400UC.