25 December 2011

Twelve Months

Inspired by Susannah Conway and some of her blog friends, here is a review of my photographic year.


Near Guthega © Andrée Lawrey

A weekend Southside Camera Club excursion to Guthega, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW gave me a chance to test my legs on some easy mountain walks and prove I was fully recovered from past injuries.  I still grin with delight at the memory.


Sydney Reflection © Andrée Lawrey

Seen on the way to the Annie Leibovitz exhibition on a busy day trip to Sydney.


3 Yallourn Street, Fyshwick, ACT © Andrée Lawrey

Still working hard on the Fyshwick project.


Italia!  A joy, a delight and a photographic feast, including a wonderful tour with my friend Luiza and an excellent Within the Frame photo workshop with David duChemin and Jeffrey Chapman.  Special thanks to all concerned, old friends and new, for a delightful experience.  It's thanks to you that I'm still dreaming of Italy!

More of the iPhone in Italy series can be seen on my website.


Night Tree © Andrée Lawrey

Home again and having fun challenging the iPhone camera in tricky light.


40 Kembla Street © Andrée Lawrey

A gift!  Spotted at the very end of shooting for the Fyshwick exhibition.


Done at last!


Taking a break and playing around with the iPhone.


Squares, Bibo Café, Ballarat © Andrée Lawrey

I love this Ballarat café, with its retro décor, soft colours and hearty breakfasts.  The 2011 Ballarat International Foto Biennale was also a special treat.


Lamp, Benedict House © Andrée Lawrey

Benedict House is always a joy to visit.  We love the food and the photo opportunities in equal measure...


Favourite Cactus © Andrée Lawrey

Two splendid potted succulents guard the front door of PhotoAccess.  Sometimes I snatch a photo as I go by.  More often, I remind myself to go back when I have time to make some cactus portraits...


Kiln Reflection © Andrée Lawrey

A visit to the ANU School of Art brought some unexpected photo opportunities.  I particularly liked the fragmented reflections in the faceted surface of a kiln (I think it's a kiln) in the courtyard.