31 August 2010

Hang It Yourself at PhotoAccess

Some Polaroids from my last visit to a favourite holiday location on the South Coast of New South Wales – more holiday dreaming... The originals are quite soft, so the prints had to be small; I used a textured paper to emphasise their soft, almost painterly quality.

This completes my 2010 group exhibition marathon! Always a fun show, this year's Hang it Yourself at PhotoAccess should be the best yet. It opens on Sunday, 5 September at 12 noon and continues until 19 September. Further details are available here.

Polaroid 600 Spirit

28 August 2010

Don't Blame the Equipment!

Unsharp photos, the bane of my life – except when I'm playing around with plastic cameras and other 'creative blur' approaches. Soft and moody has its own charm, but I'm trying to remember that even famously unsharp Holga, Diana and Polaroid cameras give better results with a bit of care and application on my part – and the solution for my DSLR is not necessarily a shiny new lens!

My latest Different Strokes article is available here, in the August 2010 edition of Capital Image (page 12).

Polaroid 600 Spirit